Wearing Black – The Benefits


Have you ever been in a demanding situation where you felt frustrated because the people around you were pulling you every which way, distracting you and preventing you from focusing on what you needed to focus on? Yes, we all have. In an environment such as this, it is of great benefit to be wearing black.

We all know that the wearing of black is most commonly associated with funerals, church services, court rooms, ceremonies, important business transactions, and formal social events. But have you ever pondered what all of these have in common? These are all settings in which important and serious purposes must be served, situations in which personal distractions cannot and shall not be tolerated.

In the world of fashion, we are all familiar with the expression, “basic black”. Often this signifies that the wearing of black ensures compatibility with accessories of any other color; just about any color will complement black. However, there is another meaning to “basic black”, and that is the concept of dispensing with all that is superfluous, leaving behind only that which is truly essential.

It is this “bare-bones”, “back-to-the-basics” type of impression that the color black conveys. In fact, black is often not even considered a color; instead it is thought to be the absence of color. Black therefore signifies the absence of unnecessary, extra colorations or filters that would detrimentally disguise or dilute the essential purpose at hand.

And that, my friends, is the very benefit that wearing black can offer us. When, for whatever reason, we need to be focused on a task to the exclusion of all else, black is the color to wear. Whether that task entails working on an uncompromisable deadline, dealing with a life or death crisis, or being in a situation where committing a faux pas could cost a career, a reputation, or a life, the wearing of black ensures that we will perform our duty without error.

There are many times not to wear black, but a few times when it can be quite beneficial. There are some people who can wear black more easily than others, and these people are often reserved and serious by nature. On the other hand, those of us who are not naturally reserved or serious can temporarily become that way when a situation warrants it — simply by wearing black!

Sometimes you may want to wear black only as an accessory. Black Onyx is probably the most well known black gemstone and makes exquisite jewelry. Black Onyx can be worn with black or any other color. When you want to tone down a bright outfit, give any outfit a finishing touch, or just look more elegant, Black Onyx jewelry can be the perfect solution.

copyright 2008 Adele Wilson