Tips For Decorating Your Motorcycle Jacket


So you ordered new leather-based motorcycle jackets and you want to make them look like actual biker jackets huh? There are a quantity of factors you can do to beautify your jacket in order to give it a much more traditional biker look. Here are some good suggestions.

When you order your jacket you may discover that there are a quantity of unique probable spots the place new objects can be added. The sleeves are a good location for ornamental objects, the back again panel is an even superior location, and you may see that there is plenty of place on the entrance as nicely. Flat spots on the jacket the place there is no components, seams, or other obstructions are the best spots for miscellaneous ornamental objects.

After you have discovered the spots on your motorcycle jacket that are appropriate for modification, then all you have to do is choose what you are heading to put there. Here are a several suggestions.

Motorcycle Club Emblem

Are you in a motorcycle club? If so, and if your club has a logo, then it would make the best ornamental addition to your jacket. You could have a large patch built up of your logo and have it sewn on to the back again of your jacket, or anyplace else that it suits for that make a difference. Affixing a motorcycle club logo to a biker jacket is actually a pretty well-liked point to do due to the fact it can help present unity and commitment to a certain purpose. It is really one way of displaying how bikers adhere jointly and remain faithful to one one more.

Biker Patches

If you usually are not a member of a motorcycle club and never have a logo that you can make into a patch, then you can always resort to making use of any kind of patch for your jacket. You can order patches with quite a few unique forms of decorations from eagles to iron crosses to semi-vans. You can even purchase a patch that has a John Deere tractor on it. The issue is, if you have an concept for the best patch for your jacket, then likelihood are you may be able to discover a thing like it, or at least have it customized built for you.


You can also beautify your motorcycle jacket by possessing customized embroidery work done to it. You can attract up your own amazing design, grab a design from the net, or discover a design from anyplace else and have it sewn into your jacket in any location you like. Embroidering types into your jacket can assist insert colour, character, and uniqueness to your motorcycle jacket.