How to Wear Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are a hot fashion trend, but knowing how to wear this fashion-forward garment can be tricky if standard denim is all you’ve ever known. While there are many ways wear the look, matching the wrong top with the wrong colored jeans can cause your ensemble to become too flashy or unbalanced. You can often find a style that appeals to you simply by playing around with different outfit combinations, but if you feel a little lost on where to begin, here are a few starting places you can jump from.

Playing it Safe with Neutrals

1 Set the tone with your jean color. Wearing neutrals with your colored jeans allows you to wear jeans in both bright and subtle shades, so the color you choose will be what sets the tone of your outfit.

  • For the most subtle look possible, choose a jean in a pastel hue or a deep tone. For instance, you could go for a light mint green jean or a deep olive green jean.
  • For a bolder look, go with a bright color. A lime green jean, for example, is a bold fashion choice no matter what top you choose to wear with it. Wearing lime green jeans with neutral colors is a safe way to be a little loud, though.

2 Wear a coordinating neutral top. Choose a neutral top in a style that matches the tone set by your color choice.

  • Pastel jeans and deep tones work best with conservative blouses or a button-down shirt. A light mint green jean will pair well with a traditional denim button-down shirt, or a deep olive green might look nice with lacy off-white blouse.
  • A bold jean color matches well with a bolder style. A lime green jean can work with a black tank top accented with silver sequins. Funky necklines, peplum tops, and other embellishments also work well for bold colored jeans.
  • Also consider the underlying color tone of your jeans when choosing a neutral. Blue-toned colors tend to work best with cool-toned neutrals like black, gray, silver, and white. Red-toned colors tend to work best with warm-toned neutrals like brown, gold, and cream. Classic denim works well with nearly all jean colors.

3 Opt for a trendy yet neutral shoe. Since this look is fairly safe to begin with, you can get away with an elaborate shoe style as long as the color is still neutral. Think brown, black, or white.

  • Wedge sandals are an especially trendy choice, but decorative flats, flat sandals, kitten heels, and stilettos all work, as well.
  • For colder weather, think knee-high riding boots or ankle boots with a wedge heel.

4 Select an appropriate jacket or sweater. Some styles work best for with bold colored jeans while others work better for pastels and deep shades.

  • For pastel jeans or deep shades, consider a cardigan sweater or structured blazer in a neutral color. A deep olive jean paired with a cream blouse would work well with a chocolate brown blazer. For bolder colors, think leather.
  • Of course, a jacket or sweater is only optional.

Accessorize with boldness. A snakeskin purse or bold ring could work well with this otherwise safe style.

  • Stick with two or three key accessories. Having too many accessories can still make the outfit look too busy. Additionally, the more accessories you have, the less bold they should be.
  • A lime green jean and black tank top can be accented with a leopard print scarf and bulky brown bangle bracelet.

6 Stick with light make-up. You can introduce a little color into your make-up with eye shadow, nail polish, or lipstick, but choose one feature of your face to highlight while minimizing the rest.

  • As a general rule, wear everyday make-up with this style.
  • A deep olive jean with a cream blouse could be matched with light green eye shadow and a pale pink lip gloss.
  • A bright lime green jean with a black tank top could be paired with a smoky eye and deep red lipstick.
Getting Funky with Colorblocking
1 Stick with a bold jean color. The color blocking trend is all about bold colors and clean lines, so a bold shade is preferable over a pastel or rich hue.
  • “Colorblocking” refers to the fashion trend of wearing large, solid blocks of contrasting colors. It is a vibrant, edgy fad requiring the use of similarly vibrant colors.

2 Throw on a contrasting top. Look for something with straight lines and choose an equally bold contrasting color.

  • For instance, if you have orange jeans, go with a strong midnight blue top. Blue and orange are complementary colors that lie opposite from one another on the color wheel, so the level of contrast here is quite high.
  • Other possible color combinations include aqua and bright yellow, tomato red and fuchsia, navy blue and pink, mint green and melon, lilac and pastel orange, and coral and turquoise.

3 Keep the boldness going with a bright shoe. A solid shoe, like a flat, sneaker, or boot, works better than a strappy sandal since it covers more space and has a stronger presence.

  • Choose a shoe in a color that contrasts with your jean color. An easy way to do this would be to match your shoe color with the color of your top. Orange jeans paired with a midnight blue tank top, then, would work well with midnight blue flats or sneakers.

4 Mute your accessories. This look is already bold enough without the use of bold accessories.

  • Accessories that are too bold can actually make the outfit appear too loud and out of balance.
  • Neutral colors work best for accessories. For instance, pearl post earrings and a silver watch can look great with orange jeans and a midnight blue top.
  • Small traces of color can also work, as long as they remain small. In the outfit described above, you could swap out the pearl post earrings for tiny orange-gem posts.
Staying Mellow with a Single Color Scheme

1 Consider a pastel jean. The idea here is to use similar colors to tone down your colored jeans without becoming too monochromatic in the process.

  • Pastel jeans have a softer effect that is more suitable for this subtle look. Go for colors like baby blue, buttercup yellow, or light pink, or lavender.

2 Make your top a deeper shade of a like color. You can either choose a deeper shade of the same hue or a different hue that lies next to or near the color of your jeans on the color wheel.

  • For instance, use deep violet with a lavender jean or navy blue with baby blue.
  • Similar shades, like pink and purple, can be used together, too. A light pink jean would work well with a dark violet blouse.
  • For this style, you can use either soft patterns—like small floral print—or solid colors.

3 Keep the shoe simple. Something feminine without a great deal of detail will often work best, especially a flat or ankle boot.

  • Consider a shoe in a neutral color like black, gray, or dark brown.
  • You could also use a shade that closely matches the hue of your top. If you have lavender jeans and a dark purple top, for example, you could opt for a grape-colored flat.
  • For a subtle hint of bling, you could also go for a metallic shoe. Choose a matte metallic over something too shiny or something decorated with sequins, though.

4 Wear a neutral jacket. While a jacket is only optional, nearly any style can work well with this look. Play with a variety of cardigans, leather jackets, denim jackets, light trench coats, and blazers until you find a look that appeals to you.

  • While the style depends on the cut of your top and your own personal preferences, you should play things fairly safe as far as the color goes. To prevent the possibility of clashing or making the outfit look too loud, choose a neutral color. Light neutrals, like white, cream, gray, and tan, are especially helpful in creating a soft appearance.
  • A white blazer would work well with lavender jeans and a dark purple blouse, or a gray trench coat can work with baby blue jeans and a navy blue sweater.

5 Keep your accessories neutral. Neutral accessories are the way to go for this look since they promote the overall subtle, mellow theme of the ensemble.

  • For jewelry, go with simple silver or gold chains and bangle bracelets.
  • Consider something like a tan or black leather purse as instead of a patterned bag.

6 Continue the color scheme to your make-up. Most of your make-up should be fairly natural, but you can introduce a hint of your chosen color scheme with nail polish, lipstick, or eyeshadow. Only highlight one feature at a time, however; do not color your lips, eyes, and nails all at the same time.

  • If you decide to wear lavender jeans and a deep violet blouse, you could swipe lavender eyeshadow over your eyes. Alternatively, you could keep your eyes fairly subdued and go with a dark purple nail polish, instead.
Going Wild with Patterns

1 Think pastels. Matching colored jeans with patterned blouses can be tricky since both are fairly bold fashion choices. The idea is to have wild style that is still well-put-together. To minimize the risk of creating an outfit that is too busy and unbalanced, opt for a light pastel jean over something bolder and brighter.

  • In this instance, a mild melon would be better than tangerine orange. Likewise, buttercup yellow would be better than lemon yellow.

2 Go with a patterned top in neutral or similar colors. Patterns that contain neutral colors tend to be a better option than those containing bright, vibrant hues. If you would rather go for a colored pattern, though, gravitate toward a small pattern that contains the color of your jeans in it.

  • A leopard print tank top could work with melon jeans, and a zebra print blouse could match well with buttercup yellow jeans.
  • Similarly, a feminine, flowing blouse with a small floral pattern containing melon in it can actually look quite elegant when paired with melon jeans. A chocolate brown blouse with small buttercup yellow polka dots can also look nice with buttercup yellow jeans.

3 Keep your footwear mellow. Your shoes should be a solid color rather than a pattern.

  • Neutral colored shoes work well no matter which sort of pattern you chose for your top. If your top contained multiple colors, you could also select a color from the top that varies from your jean color for your shoe color.

4 Tone things down with a structured jacket. If you want to tone down the wild effect of your patterned blouse, cover part of it up with a blazer or trench coat in a neutral color.

  • If you want to keep this style looking funky and wild, however, it is best to skip the jacket altogether.

5 Keep accessories to a minimum. Adorn yourself with one or two simple accessories, at most.

  • For a zebra-print top and yellow jeans, you could opt for gold hoop earrings. With a floral top and melon jeans, consider something like silver or bronze bangle bracelets.

6 Tone your make-up down. As with other bold looks, fairly natural make-up is the way to go to avoid looking too unbalanced.

  • Keep your lip color, foundation, blush, and nails fairly natural. If you want to add a splash of color, consider doing so by swiping eyeshadow over your eyelids in a color that matches your jeans.