How to Sharpen Your Reel Lawn Mower


You’ve been utilizing your reel garden mower for a minimal when now and think that perhaps the blades aren’t as sharp as they should really be. Or possibly you are thinking if the blades should really be sharpened because you’ve got arrived at the time the manufacturer proposed sharpening? How do you know when your blades should really be sharpened?

Most individuals will see that the blades aren’t reducing the grass as nicely as they were. You may well see stragglers, or areas of grass which are missed, or laid down as a substitute of cut. You could possibly notice that these areas correspond to a particular position along the reel. You may well also see that the ideas of your grass blades are browning – this may well indicate the grass blades are remaining torn, somewhat than sheared as they were when the blades were sharp. This is a definite indicator that the blades are not sharp. Other clues that the blades will need attentions are that the reel is noisier than it was, or when you examine the blades, they show up dull, nicked or bent. You can observe the blades as they move in excess of the knife blade or mattress there should really be gentle speak to between them. If not, then the blades surely will need adjusting and potentially sharpening.

To look at the sharpness and/or adjustment of your blades, you will will need a several things a flat head screwdriver, your sharpening package, and cut some strips of paper into approximately 2 inches by six-eight inches. Newspaper will work alright but anything with just a minimal more bodyweight or stiffness works a minimal greater. It will support if you have nicely lit region and can lay a sheet below your mower to gather any sections that may well drop off when you are taking it apart. It is most likely more snug if you can work with the mower on a table, but if you will need to work on the flooring that will be high-quality as nicely.

Some individuals propose taking the tackle off to start with, but with ours, we come across that we like the leverage the tackle gives us when we are turning the reel. You may well have to experiment on which is the least complicated way for you. Switch the mower upside down. Use the flat head screwdriver to pop off the wheel cover on the facet of each individual wheel. This will uncover the axle or reel shaft. The wheel is held on the shaft by a E ring (some individuals simply call this an C ring). There should really be a flat place in the E ring exactly where you can insert the head of the flat head screwdriver and pry it off. Make absolutely sure you set the E ring in a protected position. Slide the wheel off the shaft. Eradicating the wheel will expose the gear that sits on the shaft just inside the wheel. Slide the gear off the axle and keep it in a protected position. There is a tiny piece of metallic termed a pawl, that fits into the shaft just guiding the gear. Be thorough that it would not slide out unawares or you may well drop it.

Healthy the sharpening crank in excess of the shaft and pawl. Insert a single of your parts of paper between the blade and the knife mattress at a single finish of the reel and flip the crank so the reel is transferring ahead, the exact same way it would be transferring if you were mowing the garden. You will want to keep on the turning until eventually all of the blades have experienced a probability to move in excess of the piece of paper so you can see if they are all reducing the paper smoothly. Repeat with more parts of paper in the center of the reel and then once again on the opposite facet that you commenced from. If the blades are not reducing the paper cleanly and quickly all the way about then they will need sharpening.

From listed here you can re-assemble your mower and have is skillfully sharpened, or quickly do it you.