How to Continue the Acne Treatment in the Summer


Pimples-susceptible pores and skin that has been exposed to sunlight can become hypersensitive when making use of prescription drugs like tetracyclines or isotretinoin. As a result, how to mend the pimples fully even in the summer months?

In the summer months, individuals with pimples-susceptible pores and skin ought to take into consideration thoroughly in advance of sunbathing. Numerous pimples treatments are photosensitizers: the treatments can bring about the rashes on the regions that have been exposed to ultraviolet (UV), specifically shoulders, arms, forearms and face. It is even worse when we are carrying swimsuit. The rashes will look much more and spread to other parts of the system.

What if we do not use the photosensitizers for the pores and skin when exposing to the sunlight? The only answer to deal with these rashes is to guard the pores and skin towards the sunlight regardless of the prescription drugs.

We are unable to stop children or females from catching some rays. Even so, it is advisable to comply with some pimples treatments prescribed. Applying a high solar protection aspect sunscreen is hugely advisable.

Bear in mind:

    • Utilize the sunscreen immediately after each two-hour time period and about 15- thirty minutes in advance of currently being exposed to the solar. UVA protection aspect ratio ought to be equal to or much less than two, and the protection ought to be 50. Like oil-no cost and drinking water-centered one with fragrance to steer clear of photosensitivity and irritation, body fat or comedogenic one is not advisable. Sunscreens with mineral filters (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) ready to mirror the UV rays and sunlight alternatively than absorbing them is preferable.


    • Two of the most efficient sunscreens are hat and T-shirt. Persons suffering from the intense pimples will be at a bigger depigmentation hazard. As a result, sunscreen is specifically essential.


    • Preventing the solar exposure and UV cabin amongst 12- sixteen several hours.


    • Moisturize the pores and skin various occasions every working day, with a ideal quantity of oily moisturizer in and it ought to be non-comedogenic.


  • If feasible, continue the pimples procedure routinely mainly because we will benefit from the advice and monitoring.

Pimples procedure feasible in the summer months

We can continue the pimples procedure even in the summer months with various safeguards taken.

The fruit acids-centered treatments (AHA)

The dermatologists sometimes prescribe the fruit acids which consist of glycolic acid from sugarcane. They are not damaging.

The benzoyl peroxide treatments

Benzoyl peroxide in cleaning soap (Panoxyl), product and gel (Cutacnyl, Effacné, Erylik, Eclaran, Pannogel, Panoxyl) is photosensitizer. As a result, you ought to apply them at evening, then use the sunscreen throughout the working day.

Warning: The sunscreen is much less active in drinking water, so individuals practicing some drinking water sports activities ought to not comply with this method.

Topical antibiotics products

Topical antibiotics products, specifically erythromycin (Erythrogel, Eryfluid, Stimycine) in lotion or gel, or Dalacin T topical answer and lotion (clindamycin), have alcohol, irritants and/or the propylene glycol. Utilize them at evening, and bear in mind to affiliate with the moisturizer.

Warning: use them in short time period to steer clear of antimicrobial resistance.

Oral medicine for pimples treatments much less appropriate with the sunlight

The oral treatments are much less appropriate with the exposure of sunlight.

The treatments centered on zinc

Working with Zinc gluconate or Rubozinc is much less risky in the summer months. Even so, its usefulness is limited to the smaller pimples, with neighborhood procedure.

The isotretinoin treatments

The isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Acnetrait, Curacné,Contracné and Procuta) are prescribed for brittle pores and skin and intense pimples. The medicine proceeds in 8 months. It results in a pores and skin thinning which is no for a longer time as UV-VIS barrier. This can make the pores and skin become much more sensitive to the sunlight, triggering a quick sunburn different from the phototoxicity or photoallergy.

Working with broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is efficient in averting UVA and UVB.

Oral Antibiotics

We ought to prevent making use of some oral antibiotics or tetracyclines antibiotics like doxycycline because of to the considerable phototoxicity hazard. Then chosen zinc salts is chosen by the health care provider.

Only a lymecycline procedure (Tetralysal) with the the very least phototoxic hazard are ready to be prosecuted if the pimples is moderate or intense with efficient moisturizers and photoprotection.

Hormonal Procedure

Diane 35 procedure maintains a favorable hazard/benefit ratio to the pimples immediately after some antibiotics and the neighborhood procedure fail. This procedure is prescribed when there are symptoms of hirsutism and hyperandrogenism impacting the pimples and it persists immediately after some preceding treatments. What’s more, we do not use it with oral contraceptive.

Diane 35’s composition has no special indicator when exposed to the sunlight.