Are Women’s Aerosole Shoes Really Worth It?


Women’s Aerosole shoes are the country’s largest “comfort” brand and are sold in most shoe stores.

Comfort aside, Aerosoles are also fashionable, and this season’s offering are no exception. The shoes are marketed as comfortable and fashionable, but do they live up to the hype?

This review of Women’s Aerosole shoes reveals the pros and cons of the popular footwear. The Aerosole Shoe Company has been producing shoes 1987, and their aim is to be the number one global footwear company. Their objective is for Aerosole Shoes to develop high quality, comfortable and hot fashion shoes at affordable prices. Here we are going to look at the pros and cons of this popular footwear.


Aerosole shoes have several pros to them which include a variety of styles such as:

— dress

— casual

— career

— boots

— sandals

— wedges

as well as flats and they come in a variety of colors, too.

They also have some added measures for comfort, such as suede like linings and extra cushioning.

The soles on these shoes are designed to be slip-resistant, which comes in handy in rain and

snow to help you stay upright. They are also a very well-constructed shoe.

Prices do vary, and the best deals are to be had in the sales. You can find some of the

shoes at around $50, and Aerosole sandals on sale at around the $40 mark.

They come in a variety of sizes for small and large feet, so you should have no problem finding the style and color you want.

They offer a ‘Book a Shoe Party’ plan. This service involves an Aerosole sales specialist coming to your home or office, to give you and your work colleagues a personal sales demonstration. If a sufficient amount of sales are made from the event, you can earn yourself a free pair of Aerosole shoes.

Other attendees at the party can get discounts on the shoes they buy at whilst there.

They also offer a VIP membership, this offers additional discounts of $10 certificates on purchases of $150 or more, and you get a 15% discount if you buy shoes during your birthday month. So you have little excuse not to buy at least one pair of Aerosole shoes at some point during the year.


The main disadvantage with this brand of shoes is they

only come in medium width, so if you have a wide or narrow foot this would definitely be a problem. If you are unsure, it would be a good idea to try the shoes on before buying them to make sure they are comfortable. However you may get by with the next half size up in a lot of the styles.

Pricing may outside the budget of some people, if the shoes or sandals are not on sale, they average between $70 and $90. Which is inline with a high quality dress shoe, which may be over the top for some people if they only want a pair to wear to work.

Aerosole shoes offer a wide variety of styles, but they are quite conservative in nature, so

if you are a hot fashionista or upwardly mobile ’20 something’ they may not be for you or teenagers, come to think of it. However, for the rest of you, who are looking for style and comfort, they do offer a very wide selection.


There are pros and cons to everything and Aerosole shoes are no different. It is obvious from this review that, luckily, Aerosole shoes have more pros than cons. They do offer superior comfort and better quality materials than many other shoes manufacturers on the market at similar and sometimes greater prices.