AQ Aquila 50 Speakers – An Open Box Review


The Aquila 50 Water resistant speakers are a variety of superior-quality box speakers developed for outdoor use. The next overview is prepared from the level of watch of anyone who acquired a established of these speakers. The Aquila 50 speakers arrived well packed in a plain brown cardboard box. Inside the delivery box, the item box is a essential but stylish design which appears to be to have turn out to be reasonably well-known with superior-stop makes just lately. it is a brown cardboard box with a single colour print, in this situation blue. The box proudly proclaims the item name together with an abstract graphic, which appeared to be a representation of the item. On the sides, there is a essential item description in quite a few languages, together with the essential tech-spec and other information, like the barcode, WEEE mark, and so forth. The colour preference is marked on the prime of the box, the preference remaining black or white – this is the black model.

Opening the prime of the box reveals a layer of plastic-primarily based foam packaging. Lifting this out of the way, the contents of the box can be observed: the two speakers, packed in polythene baggage, with the brackets equipped spherical them on the outside of the bag. Also bundled in the box are two smaller packets, each and every containing a pair of hand-wheel screws and skinny padded foam washers. a even more pair of packets comprise the screws and rawl plugs for repairing the brackets to a wall. The brackets are simple U-design brackets, which let the speaker to rotate in one airplane The brackets include right-angle keyhole slots, indicating that the bracket could be installed to maintain the speaker vertically or horizontally. The brackets have centre holes to let the cable to be routed straight by the wall behind the bracket if wished-for, to let for a neater installation.

The speakers themselves have a plain front, with no brand breaking into the punched steel grille. The prime and base of the speaker have a central threaded hoe to let attachment to the delivered brackets employing the hand-wheel screws in the offer. I am not guaranteed where the padded washers are supposed to healthy, as there are no guidelines (With this exception, the installation is typical-sense). A single facet of the washer has a a peel-off self adhesive, so they are clearly developed to stick to a thing, presumably to lessen friction and maintain the speakers in position. The speakers have a sequence of raised bumps about the repairing hole, so placing it on the speaker would negate this function. The back again of the speaker has two even more threaded repairing details, while very little evident to correct to them is bundled in the offer, I feel that ball-joint brackets, which let a lot more directionality are offered.

Also on the back again is a significant versatile plastic address, which arrives off to expose a pair of thrust-style speaker terminals, like the types identified on the back again of a Hello-Fi. The address also has a smaller spherical hole in the centre to let accessibility for the cable. They had been simple to set up on a brick wall employing the bundled plugs and screws, and I have them equipped underneath the edge of the eaves, where they are hardly noticeable from the floor.